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Kristen A. Davis
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  1. Technical Reviewer for scientific manuscripts and proposals in Marine Ecological Progress Series, Journal of Geophysical Research, Coral Reefs, Ocean Dynamics, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Limnology and Oceanography, Progress in Oceanography, Geophysical Research Letters, PLOS One, California Sea Grant, NOAA, and NSF.

  2. Session Organizer for the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2012, “Physical and Biogeochemical Dynamics of Density Fronts, Bores & Gravity Currents”; Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference, 2013, “Regional Perspectives on HABs”.

  3. Conference Co-Chair for the Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference, 2015

Throughout my academic career, I have taken the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for science through demonstrations and activities with local elementary schools and at Sally Ride Science Festivals, an interactive science program for elementary and middle school children with a focus on girls, and with Project Scientist. I believe that diversity of ethnicity, gender, and culture in engineering strengthens the field through the incorporation of fresh viewpoints and ideas.