UC Irvine
Kristen A. Davis

CEE 178/278- Fluid Mechanics of Open Channels
Fundamentals of fluid motion in open channels. Navier-Stokes equations and one-dimenstional momentum and energy principles. Topics include rapidly varied flow, flow resistance and turbulence, gradually varied flow, unsteady flow, and computational methods for channel flow modeling. Prerequisite: CEE20 or MAE10; CEE170 or MAE130A.

CEE 277 - Hydrologic Transport Fundamentals
Process description, mathematical and numerical modeling of transport processes in surface and ground water. Topics include advection, molecular diffusion, Taylor dispersion, mechanical dispersion in porous media, shear flow dispersion in channels, and turbulent jets and plumes. Prerequisite: CEE278

CEE 21 - Computational Problem Solving
Engineering analysis and problem solving using MATLAB (or similar), including: matrix algebra, solving systems of linear and nonlinear equations, numerical integration of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and coupled ODEs, and analysis of numerical errors. Corequisite: Mathematics 3D. Prerequisite: CEE 20 and Mathematics 3A. (Design units: 1)